Many small and Medium enterprises struggle in achieving the production targets, Quality levels and meeting the Delivery Schedules given by customers.

The primary reason being lack of planning and the lack of professionally trained shop floor engineers / supervisors.

The common issues faced in the shop floor are:

  1. Unable to meet the production targets
  2. High Rejection / Reworks
  3. Poor Delivery performance
  4. Raw Materials – not available on time
  5. Firefighting everyday – lack of planning / focus
  6. High Work-In-Progress
  7. Poor housekeeping in the shop floor – Lack of 5S
  8. Lack of space in the shop floor
  9. Frequent Machine Breakdowns
  10. High Setup times for machines – more than 10 minutes

Fermion provides Solution to this Issue. Shop Floor Management Solution provides the ease to maintaining the records and Production Planning, reduce Firefighting on day-to-day issues, auto-calculate the time and improve productivity, so that the targets can be achieved on time and find out solutions on downtimes.