E-Com selling is a big market now a days. Amazon has become the biggest giant in this market and is playing No. 1 top position. Also, this is attracting many Sellers to sell on its platform. No. Of sellers and product list is increasing in every minutes!

As an Amazon Seller it is very important to manage the Sales including Product listing, Product Analysis and Payment Reconciliations. As we grow on the business we get it very complex to manage Amazon Account. We need a partner who can help us to manage the account efficiently , so that we can focus on our Business.

Fermion comes with the solution to the above issue. It helps to manage and analyze the Periodical data. Following are the services which Fermion can provide to grow with Amazon:

  • Amazon Registration
  • Product Listing
  • Product Tracker
  • Product Research
  • Amazon Sales Account Management
  • Internal Financial Account Management
  • Payment Reconciliation