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BI Features For Chemical Industries

Business situation

The Company is trading chemicals throughout India. There are several business lines for its wholesale and retail distribution, each of the business lines has thousands of products. The company has warehouses across the Indian cities. With over 35 years in the industry, the Company is expanding its presence throughout the world, opening local offices and hiring more marketing and sales staff.

It needs to take important business decisions daily in order to efficiently manage sales and logistics: select product groups and goods items for each market, measure employees’ performance, and so on. Their business increasingly requires more rapid and sophisticated information and data analysis to support the decision making process. The business analytics solution can address this challenge. However, the Company’s ERP system, Local ERP, doesn’t offer robust reporting and business intelligence functionality.


  • In order to address its strategic management accounting needs, the Company needs the ERP system to support reporting and business analytics. The reports have to be developed with external tools, as Local ERP lacks these features.


The project required plenty of knowledge and effort from Fermion’s development team to build a sophisticated Dynamics NAV Business Intelligence solution.

  • Reports and BI. We have extensively modified the financial dimensions in Dynamics NABV to enable the financial reports and analytics functionality. A variety of reports was developed: reports on products’ profitability, ABC analyses of product groups, return on investments for locations, evaluation of the sales managers performance and so on.
  • Re-implementation. When the Company decided to upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2016, all reporting and BI functionality was transferred to the new system. The reports have the same logic as in the legacy system. At the same time, they are created considering the new architecture and functionality of Dynamics NAV 2016. The BI tools are very robust, yet clear, intuitive, and don’t require extensive training.
  • Performance. The NAV reporting works much faster. More important, there is an unlimited number of dimensions that are used to create virtually any kind of reports. The system now enables analysing important data from different angles.


With Fermion’s services the Company was able to first add and then to customize the reporting and BI features in Dynamics NAV.

  • The new functionality helps making important business decisions. The managers always have the up-to-date information at hand.
  • Sales, logistics, marketing, and other departments receive custom reports reflecting the crucial data in their field.
  • The system’s BI functionality meets the needs of practically any NAV user to see, understand and act upon data.

The Company is now confident about its decisions. Reporting and business analytics has improved its efforts in managing logistics, sales, and marketing.

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Copyright by Fermion Business Solution. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Fermion Business Solution. All rights reserved.