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QlikView Case Study – The Game-Changer for Mercedes and Sony

We are well-versed about the features, pros & cons, capabilities, and many other things of QlikView, but are still unaware of the achievements of QlikView in the industry sector. The power and strength of QlikView make it different from other available BI tools. With these Best QlikView Case Studies, we are going to measure QlikView’s efficiency and success by looking at some real-time issues of renowned companies. Here, we will discuss how QlikView plays an essential role in solving the issues of CISCO, Mercedes Benz, Sony, and FILA.

Popular QlikView Case Studies
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Top QlikView Case Studies

In each of the following QlikView case studies, we’ll learn how the company has used QlikView to their benefit and have grown in the competitive market space. Let’s start with CISCO –

1. QlikView Case Study – CISCO

Cisco Systems, Inc is a multinational company based in the USA. The company develops and manufactures networking hardware, telecommunication hardware and provides high-tech services like network and technology architectures. It is spread worldwide having offices in more than 165 countries. It is a leading technology committed to providing people with efficient ways of communicating, connecting and collaborating.

CISCO QlikView Case Study

The challenge

To grow as a company and fulfill its purpose, the most important factor is customer relations and customer satisfaction. What Cisco needed was a means to establish a strong customer relationship by knowing the needs and behavior of its customers. For this, they needed an effective BI solution which enables people at Cisco to access sales and customer data from different data sources, transform that data into meaningful and actionable insights. The database of the company was as gigantic as nearly 500 million lines of complex data and installed base records. After researching for a few potential BI technologies, Cisco finalized QlikView as the perfect fit for their requirements.

QlikView’s role

With its sheer flexibility and user-friendly nature, QlikView is empowered in Cisco in more than one way. QlikView has enabled people at Cisco possessing any level of skill to access data and draw insights from it. It serves as a self-service BI tool used for innovative decision making. With the virtue of QlikView, Cisco sealed two major service deals with telecom giants, recorded as the biggest deals in the history of Cisco.

The change

  • Business users at Cisco created a QlikView dashboard that acted as an interface for employees at Cisco to access data from its large installed bases.
  • QlikView enabled Cisco to consolidate data from Oracle, Hadoop, and Teradata and put it together on a QlikView server.
  • Every user at Cisco was able to access and filter out the sales and customer data. It was also able to perform transformative and analytical operations on it by creating graphs, visuals, and reports.
  • Managers were able to gain better insights and precise information on sales opportunities, thus, improve sales and revenue.
  • Quicker detection and problem-solving in issues related to network operations.
  • Helped the marketing department to keep a track on customer’s current services and recommended them of the latest upgrades and available products to keep them up to date.
  • It is used for financial planning by executives.
  • Incredible business gains with ROI of about 4 million dollars and $100 million-dollar worth of additional revenue by support and service contracts renewals.

2. QlikView Case Study – FILA

FILA is a multinational sporting goods company. It was founded in 1011 in Biella, Italy. It is currently headquartered in South Korea due to the change of ownership and is spread in about 11 countries.

FILA case study

The challenge

The main challenge for Fila sales group was to access information lying in various systems and sites of operations. Another challenge was to circulate this information (data) to business users at different sites.

In addition to that, the company wanted to improve the data quality, data availability and provide easy-to-use analytic solutions to end users. Also, the focus was at providing system users with data about corporate processes so that they can understand the functioning and monitor activities, optimize decision making for the company.

QlikView’s role

Within no time after the requirements were surfaced, QlikView’s solution was deployed to 250 users. QlikView Server enabled the company to consolidate all the data residing at different sites and systems in one place. Also, QlikView offered FILA Europe with one common dashboard which was to be used from any Fila establishment across the globe and its suppliers. It helped to ensure better communication and maintained a solid network.

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The change

  • Using the QlikView dashboard, FILA can analyze aspects like production planning, pricing, invoicing, order management, and customer service support, etc.
  • The solution has helped FILA in terms of coordination and collaboration improvements; formalization, consolidation, and dissemination of FILA’s knowledge base to every employee for better insights and decision making.
  • Users at FILA were able to access and drill through the available data using user-friendly and interactive QlikView dashboards. Even non-technical users were able to surf and work smoothly in QlikView by using the data to filter important information, create visualizations and reports.
  • Ability to create in-depth reports and run queries on multi-dimensional data.
  • The associative and interactive nature of QlikView engine is best suited for the company’s requirements as it functions as per the natural way of thinking and decision making to bolster the company’s business.

3. QlikView Case Study – Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz India was founded in 1994 and have grown in leaps and bounds since then. Mercedes-Benz is India’s one of the top luxury car manufacturers with a dense network spread across the country. It is currently present in about 31 cities of India having 72 touch points. Mercedes-Benz India has a plan of expanding its operations and business in the top-end luxury segment by 2022.

Mercedes Benz logo

The challenge

Like every successful corporation, building customer trust and solid customer relations are also the main focus of Mercedes-Benz India. The company wanted a solution that was easily able to understand customer requirements better and keep track of services provided by the various dealerships to the customers. In addition to this, a fast reporting system, improved decision-making and a user-friendly BI tool to gain valuable insights in almost real-time were vital concerns. To ensure, the company needed a robust CRM/DMS system to organize and manage data and an effective business intelligence solution to enable prompt and precise reporting.

After reviewing several potential BI solutions, Mercedes-Benz finalized on QlikView business discovery platform. QlikView’s speed to market, time to value, data analysis capabilities, and convincing proof of concepts impressed them.

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QlikView’s role

Initially, Mercedes-Benz deployed QlikView just to the after sales department to analyze throughout, warranty, and revenue figures. After a successful trial on the Aftersales operations, QlikView was deployed across the company network for Sales, HR, and Plant operations in India has over 300 users.

The change

  • QlikView was deployed across Mercedes-Benz in less than four weeks. The information to users was made available from the back-end ERP/DMS systems with fixed update frequencies. After a successful testing phase of centrally deploying the solution, it was rolled out for the whole dealership.
  • User adoption was at high rates and easy due to the user-friendly nature of QlikView. Also, QlikView easily integrated data from MB’s existing data sources; SAP and Siebel CRM tools.
  • Improved reporting by a centralized dashboard and reports created by QlikView. Analytical teams could easily work with the available data and draw insights important for the company. Every user was able to analyze data reports that helped them in understanding the processes and workflows ensuring better problem-solving.
  • Improved After-Sales operations by prompt reporting and close near real-time monitoring of customer interactions and related data. It helped in increasing the vehicle throughput of more than 60%.
  • Improved customer attention and problem-solving services.
  • Mercedes-Benz is planning on growing its QlikView application by deploying QlikView on mobile so that high management people have data and insights on their fingertips. In addition to a successful run in India, Mercedes-Benz will roll-out QlikView solutions for the APAC region and Europe as well.

4. QlikView Case Study – Sony Europe

SONY is a multinational manufacturer of electronic consumer products. It is a leading Japanese company. Sony Europe aims at utilizing valuable business information available as raw data and transforms it into meaningful insights.

Sony logo

The challenge

Sony Europe’s Spain division, having a turnover of 1.166 billion euros in 2009 felt the need for a BI system that can analyze multiple scenarios and analytical processes. Impressed by QlikView’s ease of deployment and adaptability, the company finalized QlikView as their BI solution.

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QlikView’s role

By deploying QlikView, Sony instantly realized the potential of the tool and acknowledged the enhancements made by it in terms of visibility provided by QlikView for business information and dynamics. In addition to this, QlikView solutions were created to offer customer insights and for Sony Style Store Shops which benefited the company a great deal.

The change

  •  Integration of data relevant to Sony from various data sources such as Oracle, SAP NetWeaver BW, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Excel, MS Access, Sony’s planning files, etc., into a single QlikView BI environment.
  • Rapid application development and deployment followed by prompt assists in decision-making and analysis.
  • QlikView Desktop and Publisher deployed in Sony Spain for about 80 users.
  • Improved graphical analysis of key performance indicators like sales, visits, number of references, innovations, average amount, rate conversion, budget variations, stock rotation, indices, deviations, market share, expenditure, discounts and margins, innovations online presence, etc.
  • Creation of QlikView scorecards for internal departments in Sony.
  • The areas of business benefited from QlikView solution in Sony are marketing, management, finance, STIC, Sony Style Stores, customer insight, commercial sector, etc.
  • Increased visibility into business processes and consumer trends. It also improved resource management, risk analysis and threat detection for the company.


It is not the end; today many industries are using QlikView and, amongst all, these are the renowned QlikView Case Studies. With these four companies FILA, Mercedes-Benz, Sony, and Cisco we talked about the major role of QlikView in the betterment of the company’s business. However, Applications of QlikView are not just restricted to these companies but are also used in different sectors such as finance, insurance, etc.

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